Why Game Lodges Need Facebook

Why Game Lodges Need Facebook

Do you want to promote your game lodge to more people in South Africa (and abroad!) and get more bookings? Then having a Facebook page for your business is an absolute must. Facebook is an essential component of game lodge online marketing, and if you are not on Facebook you are definitely missing out on exposure!

Business owners all over the world love using Facebook as it is free to set up a business page and easy to manage yourself. Plus, because Facebook offers such a wide network of people all over the globe, it is a tool that allows you to promote your game lodge to thousands of people, at very minimal cost.

Here are just a few reasons why you should be using Facebook to promote your game lodge, if you’re not already doing so:

Gives you massive exposure

Facebook is a massive and complex network, so when you have a correctly set up business page for your game lodge, you are able to potentially reach thousands of people worldwide. You can share your own promotions, and your guests can share their experiences with people in their network. Facebook is also excellent for posting photos of the gorgeous natural surrounds that your game lodge has to offer.

Builds a trusted online profile

Just about everyone you meet will assume that you are on Facebook, and will want to connect with you online. Facebook is important for social media marketing for game reserves because when you are active online, have good reviews, and develop a friendly and genuine Facebook persona, prospective guests are more trusting and likely to make a booking with you.

Make more personal connections with your guests

“Marketing speak” often sounds forced and not genuine… but the thing about Facebook is that it is personal. While it is important to always remain professional, Facebook marketing for game lodges gives you the leeway to relax a little, have a little fun, show some emotion and build real connections with your guests.

Share meaningful, inspiring content in real time

Following on from the point above, Facebook lets you share “real moments” in a natural way, as they happen. You can snap a photo of a stunning sunrise and post it to your page in 5 minutes. Or share photos from a wedding party that you hosted. When you are “real”, people relate to your content and are more likely to notice it, share it with their friends, and remember you when they are looking to book a game lodge holiday.

Is great for SEO

Another benefit of having a strong and active Facebook presence is that it boosts the search engine optimisation for your website. Make sure that you regularly share your website info via Facebook posts, and include links to all social media profiles on your website to strengthen this connection.

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