The Difference between Online Marketing and PR & Where They Meet In the Middle

The Difference between Online Marketing and PR & Where They Meet In the Middle

The rise of social media and sites like Yelp, Tripadvisor and even Hello Peter, have given the public free rein to make or break your business.

Your potential clients are going to ask around before they spend their hard-earned cash visiting your property.  If they don’t like what they hear, or see online, there are plenty of other places for them to go.

This is where PR and SEO must join forces to ensure the success of your game lodge marketing.

Traditional PR vs Online Marketing and SEO

PR has been around forever. Primitive civilizations have been blowing their own horns since time immemorial. King and queens have been defending their reputations (more or less) for centuries.

However, PR only became a ‘thing’ during the 1900s with the establishment of individuals and agencies specializing in promoting the interests of others.

By comparison, online marketing is a twenty-something-year-old upstart. This marketing method is a natural progression from Google’s takeover of the web as the go-to place for finding the information you need.

While PR efforts are generally based offline by means of more traditional, tangible media, online marketing is based on SEO and operates in the realm of digital.

Where SEO and PR Meet

Today, the internet dominates the marketing landscape, blurring the lines between PR and SEO.
If PR is how you convince the public that your business is the best and SEO is the best way to let them find out, it makes sense for them to work together.

How Do SEO and PR Work Together?

Anything to do with SEO is going to involve keywords. Choose the keywords and slogans that best suit your business and filter them through to your traditional PR.
All off-line correspondence, interviews, press releases and so forth must carry the same message as your online campaigns, using the same keywords.

Over time, your game lodge will become synonymous with that set of keywords – so make them good.

Both SEO and PR professionals perform market research to determine the perfect audience for your marketing efforts. Are they comparing notes?

Once they have reached common ground, both parties should agree on which channels to use for each campaign. These could include a mix of events, interviews, magazine articles, social media posts and blogs for example.

ORM (Online Reputation Management) is the modern-day relative of traditional PR. It is an important part of your Public Relations strategy, not a replacement!

Benefits of Harnessing Online Marketing and PR Together

By combining the forces of SEO and PR you are spreading your game lodge marketing net further.

This can work wonders for your brand by –

  • Enhancing reputation, trust and authority
  • Increasing brand equity
  • Improving organic search rankings and website traffic

Ultimately, both forms of marketing working together can boost your direct bookings, and that’s what it’s all about.

The Short Answer

Effective SEO will get your lodge to the first page of the search engines. However, great PR and ORM can ensure that potential guests choose ‘book’ instead of ‘back’ while searching for their next safari holiday.

Would you like to harness the combined power of PR and SEO but don’t know where to start?
Get in touch for tailor-made solutions to match your game lodge marketing endeavours.

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