The Rise of Generation C and What It Means For Game Lodge Marketing

The Rise of Generation C and What It Means For Game Lodge Marketing

Just when you were on your way to mastering the intricacies of marketing your game lodge to Millennials, there’s a new phrase being bandied about. Truth is, Generation C can’t really be described as ‘rising’ or as a separate entity from Millennials. It doesn’t really even qualify as a generation, and it’s not new.

The C in Generation C

Depending who you talk to, C can stand for ‘computerized’, ‘collaboration’, ‘community’ etc. This classification was first identified in 2012 by digital analyst Brian Solis, he defined Generation C as the ‘Connected Consumer’, and it couldn’t be more true today!

From this you can see that even your gran who uses Facebook, her cell phone and email can be included in this grouping. While Generation C certainly makes up a large portion of the millennial gang, it spills over into almost every other description of the modern-day consumer too.

How does this affect Game Lodge Marketing?

Well for starters, the awesome news is that your online outreach has a wider audience than you think. The bad news is they are pretty picky about what they prefer. If you bombard them with sales talk and advertisement, they know how to block you – and they will.

Starting Conversations with the Connected Consumer

Generation C not only laps up online content, they create it too. They share posts, create reviews, comment on posts and even blog. As content curators, Generation C is deeply connected to social media and place a high value on the opinions shared there.

They will judge you on the share-ability of your content. Brush up on your social media skills – Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are all the rage at the moment. That could change in a heartbeat though. Generation C has an attention span evolved to consume information at the lightening pace of the internet.

Highly visual content, a word-of-mouth recommendation on Facebook, a YouTube video that goes viral, or cracking the nod from a trusted influencer are some of the ways to interrupt this rapid flow of information.

Likeable, shareable, interesting content is the only way to get them to pause and click. If you want to be remembered, you need to keep up the pace. Every fad eventually goes the way of Gangnam style, it’s just happening faster every day.

What are their interests?

Generation C is wrapped up in connectivity. They thrive on immersing themselves in the world by:

  • Creating content – give them opportunities to do so.
  • Enjoying a sense of belonging – start up an online community.
  • Getting involved in conversation – let them comment
  • Having their say – set up a review section

There are so many ways to reach out to Generation C, although all of these need careful thought and constant monitoring. A negative review can travel around the world before you’ve even seen it!

How do you do it?

Keeping up this frenetic pace is a full-time job and you are going to need expert help, either in the form of a community manager, or someone who understands the social space intimately. Make sure your marketing manager or department is comfortable working in the online space, or find someone who does.

What are you doing about marketing your game lodge to Generation C?

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