Hospitality digital marketing trends for 2018

Hospitality digital marketing trends for 2018

2017 was a year that saw some effective digital marketing trends in the hospitality industry emerge. With technology developing as it has, it’s become far more accessible, doing great things for the competitive travel market.

Leaders in the hospitality industry have been interested in finding out how the trends seen can be used to increase profits and boost marketing outcomes for 2018.

Marketing in the game lodge industry can be complex, but with the right systems and technology, it doesn’t have to be.

3 Driving Factors In The Hospitality Industry

There are 3 main factors that have driven digital marketing trends in the hospitality industry, these are:

Increased use of digital technology by consumers:

Travellers are using the internet more and more, not only for making bookings, but for checking reviews, comparing services offered and comparing prices.


Digital marketing in the hospitality industry is far more cost-effective online than it is in other traditional forms, plus you reach way more people with effective online advertising, than with traditional media.

Advertising platforms are now present on all the social media metworks, so you end up with quite a powerful set of tools at your disposal, where you manage the costs, market and effectiveness of each campaign.

Keeping up with the competition:

Businesses in the hospitality industry have to follow suit when competitors adopt more technology in order to still have a competitive edge. A game lodge that can be easily found online will have more bookings than one that doesn’t feature in a digital search!

Digital Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2018

The marketing industry has seen the following advertising and engagement efforts really working for businesses in the hospitality industry:

Something to look at

It’s amazing how effective marketing efforts can be when using visuals to sell an experience. An eye-catching image is up to 40 times more likely to be shared with others, while a video is much more likely to be watched and shared. Make sure you take advantage of having your rangers out in the bush every day, with access to incredible sightings that are easy to load to Facebook.

Engagement is King

Engagement was big in 2017, but will only get bigger in 2018, especially after Facebook has rolled out their new newsfeed algorithm which prioritises branded content that is getting a lot of engagement.

It’s important for an establishment to build and nurture relationships with existing and potential customers. Starting conversations online, publishing noteworthy content and interacting with fans, members and supporters is a great way to engage with your followers.

Being Responsive

Responsive websites have done great things for marketing in the hospitality industry. When one considers just how many people use their smartphones and portable devices to explore travel ideas and make bookings, it’s easy to see why responsive web design will continue to be extremely important.

Market Trends for 2018

It’s always helpful to keep an eye on changing markets and how they could influence your marketing efforts. Take a look at these 2 trends we’ve seen coming up:

Solo Female Travel

The industry has seen an upward trend in solo travel (female specifically), along with single parent family holiday bookings. Make sure that you communicate effectively to this market, and take advantage of the benefits they bring.

Sustainable Travel

More and more people are making travel decisions based on what kind of sustainability projects are engaged in by the tourism services they will be using. There is an expectation that there is at least some kind of effort being made in terms of conservation (not only of animals but of things like energy and the environment), but also of upliftment or ‘giving back’ to local communities, charities or organisations.

Moving Forward

While content will always be a high priority when it comes to online marketing, the way in which the content is created and shared will be changing in 2018. Not only will your content need to actually engage your audience, but you also have the opportunity for connecting with new, emerging markets specifically in the game lodge industry!



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