What makes game lodge marketing so important?

An online presence is a non-negotiable in a digital world, where people research, check reviews and try to get as much information they can about a property, before booking. Unfortunately, just having a website doesn’t cut it anymore – you need social profiles with updating, interesting content while keeping an eye on TripAdvisor.

Then, after the guests have come to stay, how do you keep in touch in a way that isn’t intrusive and which could possibly lead to referrals or return visits?

These are the answers which need to be addressed by an online marketing agency which specializes in the game lodge industry, because it is only with intimate knowledge of the markets and service offerings, that a real difference can be made.

Game Lodge Marketing offers you the opportunity to improve on your SEO, bringing you up the ranks so that more people can find you. We specialize in on-site optimization and Social Media as well as other online marketing services and training, keeping the very specific challenges the game lodge industry has to deal with, in mind.

Background & Experience

A love of travel and the African bush has shaped my life, from the moment I started out on my career, to now.

A BCom Degree in Tourism Management was the starting point, with extensive online marketing and social media experience in a range of different industries to follow, primarily in the tourism industry and with luxury game lodges and tour operators.

A few years co-writing and convening online marketing and copywriting courses for GetSmarter, kept things interesting but also resulted in an intricate knowledge of how effective online learning can be – especially when access to training facilities are limited.

I strongly advocate the growth and development of the South African tourism industry, and so it was with this in mind that I embarked on creating the online social media courses for Facebook and Twitter, specifically for those people tasked with utlising the social platforms for the game lodge they work for. Offering other online marketing functions like copywriting and SEO were natural additional offerings, especially since they are all related.

“The only man I envy is the man who has not yet been to Africa – for he has much to look forward to”

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